Increase sales by rewarding customers with cashback

Bitback is the cashback rewards platform that let's you easily and affordably create cashback promotions that keep customers coming back. You only pay when a sale is made.

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Give cashback, get more sales

With Bitback, you create cashback promotions which are more memorable & motivating to customers than discount based promotions. Add cashback promotions to your existing marketing efforts to incentivize repeat purchases.

Cashback can increase average order value and transaction frequency

Cashback rewards are proven to increase average order size and number of purchases of returning customers. They also often result in positive word-of-mouth referrals to your customer's friends and family, helping attract new customers.

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understand your customers

Better understand your customers with data analytics

Better serve your customers by understanding who your best customers are with powerful analytics dashboards and create personalized campaigns.

Easily launch campaigns from the merchant portal, no in-store trainings needed!

The Bitback merchant portal allows you to create and launch cashback campaigns without needing to train stores and cashiers. Campaigns are managed automatically through the platform to make it seamless and easy for you to implement and control.

The merchant portal also gives you access to important metrics like Average Order Value (AOV), Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Repeat Customers.

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Bring customers back

83% of consumers across the world say cashback is the most effective way to make them loyal to a store (Source).


More revenue growth

Promotions like cashback generate more revenue growth than discount based promotions (Source).


More profit per customer

Companies with promotions like cashback have a 6% greater average profit margin per customer (Source).

Memorable & motivating

Customers love cashback 💜

Immediate gratification, like cashback, results in positive customer experience and creates brand loyalty. Rewards are powerful motivators and memorable to customers (Source 1 & Source 2).


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And counting. Reach new and existing customers with powerful promotions.

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cashback is more effective than discounts

Strong impact on shoppers during COVID-19

Recent studies found that 95% of consumers would shop at a store with a cashback offer over a store without one during COVID-19. Try cashback today to boost your marketing efforts.

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Set a budget that works for you

It's free to create a Bitback merchant account and launch cashback campaigns! You only pay when a sale is made. Get started with a budget that works for you.

With billboards, radio, newspapers and digital ads, it's difficult to know with 100% certainty whether money spent on advertising results in actual sales. With Bitback, you only pay once a customer has redeemed your cashback offer and made a purchase with you. This means you get a guaranteed return on ad spend (ROAS) when you advertise through Bitback.



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