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About Us

our mission

We put money back into the pockets of young people around the globe.

Bitback is the cashback rewards app that aims to put money back into the pockets of young people across Africa and around the globe. Bitback started out as a product called Dial Crypto. The founders began working on Dial Crypto, a USSD-enabled crypto wallet, in spring of 2019. The first version of the USSD crypto wallet won a prize at theETHCapeTown hackathon in April 2019. The founders then decided to explore whether the wallet could become a viable business. They enrolled in and graduated from Y Combinator's Online Startup School in the summer of 2019. At the same time, they participated in an online hackathon byIDEO CoLab and Coinlist where they won the grand prize in October 2019. The team was subsequently invited to becomeIDEO CoLab Residents in San Francisco in November 2019 where they learned some of the renowned design and product techniques from the IDEO CoLab team.  It was during this residency that the team learned they were one of 10 teams selected to participate in the highly competitive Techstars Berlin Accelerator program where they would receive pre-seed funding and mentorship.  In January 2020, the team travelled to Kampala, Uganda to conduct research and for user testing. Through this research, they recognized the entrepreneurial spirit and strong desire of young people to have new sources of income. To help generate a new stream of income for young people, the team decided to pivot into a cashback rewards product. At the end of January, Bitback began the Techstars Berlin Accelerator program. They are presently building the product with a waitlist of over 4,000 people to be launched during 2020 in Uganda.
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In November 2019, our founding team was in-residence with IDEO CoLab in San Francisco after winning the grand prize of an online hackathon as Dial Crypto.

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Bitback is one of 10 companies selected to participate in the Techstars Berlin Accelerator. Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed.

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Techstars Berlin Accelerator


Bitback is a member of the DMZ Incubator Program at Ryerson University. Ranked as the #1 university-based tech accelerator in the world, the DMZ provides a launchpad for founders to build and scale fast.

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DMZ Incubator, Ryerson University
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Pledge 1%

Bitback is a member of Pledge 1%, a global movement to encourage early stage corporate philanthropy. Bitback has pledged to give back 1% of time for all employees.

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Pledge 1%, volunteer time off
ADVENTURE first team

We know excellent work can be done from wherever you want to be

After working remotely in over 14 countries, the founders of Bitback know that excellent work can be done from wherever you want to be. For this reason, we have adopted an adventure first (remote first) policy for the company.

guiding values

Our Values

Do the right thing

We believe in doing the right thing even when it's the more difficult path. Learned from and inspired by the outstanding team at Left.

Make your own luck

We believe that even the most unexpected outcomes can become possible when you put yourself out there. Inspired by this talk from Y Combinator.

Embrace randomness

Be on the lookout for convergences. You never know when a chance encounter could result in a change in direction or a new pathway.

Make magic

We believe in creating magical and memorable experiences for users and those you love by surprising and delighting them.

Diversity is strength

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We respect all cultures, genders, and backgrounds.

Have fun!

Life is short, so above all things, we want you to enjoy it. That's why we have an adventure first (remote first) policy.

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Do you want to build the next big cashback rewards app? Do you want to help create a fun new income stream for young people around the world? 


Our Team

We value design thinking, creativity, ambition and a sense of adventure.

Brianna MacNeil

Co-founder & CEO

Patrick Guay

Co-founder & CTO

Patrick Aboagye

Backend Developer

Maryam Ndope

UX/Product Designer


Check out our available positions at www.bitbackapp.com/careers